Spiritual Mentoring 1:1

Spiritual Mentoring online is a great way to fast track, pinpoint and hone in on your specific individual gifts and abilities. It allows for individual attention you may not receive in a large group setting. Working 1:1 with a Mentor can assist you in your development, spiritual specialties and raise your vibration.

The way I work with you:

•We focus in on where you are now.
•We make a “plan”, set goals and set strong intentions for your journey.
•We allow your learning (“rememberings”) to take its aligned course and speed at which is the most effective and gentle way so as not to feed into our ego of wanting it now.
•Meditation, breathwork, deep digging of self-buried wounds that may be stopping you from believing in your gifts/self.
•Connecting to Spirit in every session allows for the highest and best for you to be channeled into our lessons.
•It takes time to progress on your path so allowing the space and energy and the appropriate timing to unfold it all.
•Fun and inspiring exercises and games meant to make the process joyful and full of love.
•Becoming aware of your purpose and steps to take action on as they are revealed to you in perfect timing.
•Psychic and Mediumship reading practice times.


This 6-month Mentorship can and will have the capacity to showcase and reveal your greatest hidden gifts. It can give you the confidence to speak your truth and own your powers.

•Using various “tools” that we can add into your lessons you are drawn to.

This is all Spirit LED.



6-month investment: $2,400
2 x a month/one hour sessions
Online only.

**Six months of work provides the GREATEST achievements, success, unearthing of your gifts and intense focus.


5 sessions for $1,000.
These will follow the same Divine timing as the more in-depth sessions.