Spiritual Advisor

There have been so many times when clients come to me with deep concern in their voice, their energy is palpable and I can feel their confusion beaming at me through the computer screen. “Please help! I don’t know what to do!” they write to me clearly needing direction with a particular situation in their life. They are faced with many “obstacles” in their current landscape and all they can see are mountains and big deep holes. Some want guidance on their relationships with their partners, some are needing to know if they should quit their job and move across the country. Whatever the perceived dilemma, the desire for answers is always consistent.

Most times, due to an abundance of bookings months ahead, my spiritual gifts are tied up and I am unable to help with their requests until months later. By then, for most of them, it is too late. The experience has played out, sometimes for the best and sometimes do not turn out so well. Their questions remain unanswered. They may look back with regret or guilt, unsure if they “made the correct decision.” Did their life changing decisions affect their journey for the better? Would things be different if they had asked a trusted professional who has instant access into everything they could possibly need to know? Someone who understands that life is full of the unknown yet could dig into their timelines and provide some instant relief and reassurance?

This is where you would invest in a Spiritual Consultant.

What does a Spiritual Consultant/Advisor do for you?

They are available (within business hours) to provide highly effective and high-vibrational answers to your urgent life questions and decision making process. A S.A can give you the clarity you are seeking within hours, allowing you to carefully consider the guidance and then making a decision. They provide validation that your fears can easily be laid to rest once you receive the response. This allows you to experience more feelings of ease, clear-mindedness and joy in your life. You may begin to notice that your intuition was correct. That may be you knew the answers inside but didn’t trust them enough to move forward with confidence. That middle man is the job of a Spiritual Advisor.

Questions to ask:

– What does my ideal relationship look like after this break up?
– Am I in the right career or should I be considering a different path?
– Will I move across the country and will there be any hiccups along the way I can avoid?
– Who is my Spirit Team and how can I access them more clearly?
– Will I meet my Soulmate? (Or have I already?)
– Will my spiritual business be successful and what are the necessary steps I need to take?

These are only a few examples of things you may wish to ask your trusted Spiritual Advisor.

Note: Spiritual Advisors should never make decisions for your life. They will encourage you to go within and dig deeper; utiilizing the spiritual information and making a soulful choice that is right for you. Your S.A is not responsible for your life choices. We will provide you with the best possible guidance for your highest good.

One month of unlimited access to your Spiritual Advisor:

– Three questions max per week.
– May not ask about other people
– Response will be provided within business hours.
– NO weekend responses.
– Questions will be screened at the Spiritual Advisor’s personal discretion.
– No spells or hexes.

All communication is deemed CONFIDENTIAL.

One month investment:


Spiritual Advisor

One Month – $226 (includes HST)