Psychic AF Level 2

Take your psychic abilities to the next level.

In this second level of psychic development, you will start to trust your visions, feelings and knowings even more. Practice reaching higher states of consciousness and awareness grows through weekly breath work exercises, highly attuned sound baths tuned to specific frequencies <HZ>, open your 8th chakra known as the Soul Star chakra which is a direct link to your Higher Self and cosmic meditations. All of these methods will take you to higher realms you never imagined or visited before!

What prevents you from becoming truly psychic is that you are trying to “see” the future when you are not gifted in clairvoyance. Perhaps you are clairsentient being and require honing your clear feelings even more. You may also be trying too hard from a certain level of consciousness. The psychic realm exists higher than the space you currently exist and react from. Time is stacked vertically and so we must go higher than our mind.

The trick is to jump out of this space and go beyond your human limitations.

The idea is to consider doing something out of the ordinary. Psychic work is not for the ones who cannot get out of their head or repeat the same patterns each day. The key is to remove yourself from the illusion of time and escape the time loops that keep you constrained and stuck.

In this Level 2, you will:

  • See time differently
  • Use your correct psychic gift
  • Hone your ability to travel and transcend time
  • Work and practice with other students to gain confidence and validate your predictions
  • Gain and sustain a meditative practice to keep your gifts fresh and active

After the course, you may:

  • Feel highly psychic and connected to your Higher Self and the psychic realm
  • Be more confident in your skill set
  • Become a spiritual entrepreneur who makes a living from this gift
  • Rediscover your inner light and power


  • 5-week course
  • Begins Thursday March 24, 2022
  • 6-7:30 pm
  • Online

Cost:  $225


Meet your teacher:

 Jen is a Mom of four kids who quit her teaching job to talk to the dead on a full time basis. She believes in always developing her gift of mediumship in order to provide the best service to Spirit and her clients. Jen is a student of the Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College in the U.K and Thomas John: Celebrity Medium, James van Praagh, Chris Drew and more. Jen is also the author of the book: Unearth your Intuition published by Balboa Press; a division of Hay House. Jen is the host of her own podcast: The Singing Medium available on iTunes and Spotify. Jen is a Professional Psychic who has predicted many global events and you can read them on