Psychic AF Fall 2021

Psychic means to “predict”, “know”, “trust”, “ see” and to weave a story of past, present and future timelines. It is a gift that has been considered taboo or fake over history yet is now fated to be used as a powerful spiritual tool to navigate current events. It is also here to assist you on your own very important spiritual journies.

Before I became a Professional Medium, the very first class I ever took was Psychic Development. It was the second step in my Spirit-led journey of discovering my deeply buried gifts within me. I had no idea that choosing to take a step into the Psychic realms would change my life.

For this to work, I had to trust my instincts. I had to follow myself into The Unknown. I didn’t THINK about the outcome or if I’d be any “good” at it but what I did FEEL certainly overpowered that voice. That’s the thing with the unknown. You cannot think your way there. You must trust your inner feelings and jump.

Being a Psychic was also not an idea that ever crossed my mind. All I did was say yes to what I was drawn to. My soul led me here and back then, to that ONE class that was a major stepping stone into my training.

Remembering your Psychic Self is kind of a big deal. Delving into the higher vibrational information that is accessible to all can have a profound affect on your life.

– For me, I was able to understand and decipher vivid dreams and messages for myself and my future decisions/outcomes.
– I was able to discern from what was best for me and not what others wanted for me.
– It took me out of my head and into my heart as I began to start trusting myself more and more.
– It grew my connection to Source; a place from which all things spiritual exist.
– Practicing my Psychic gifts was FUN. I could do it anytime of day and it didn’t take me extra time to strengthen my abiltities.
– It allowed me to easily say HELL YES or NO WAY to opportunities that came my way.

These are only a few of the benefits of my studies. While mostly personal, there are of course, many powerful SPIRITUAL experiences that occurred and continue to exceed my wildest imagination:
– I can now predict the future of my clients.
– I have predicted pregnancies, big moves, job changes and major life outcomes for others.
– I have predicted WORLD events such as pandemic events on a global scale.
– I have won an award for Best Psychic in my geographical area.
– I can tap into my own existence and see my own personal outcomes. I have the power to adjust accordingly and exercise my own free will.
– I am now a SEER.

Whatever called you to read this means you are being called to the Psychic Realms within and all around you. This invisible realm is only a decision away. You can tap into it through meditation, altering your consciousness, working with plant medicine. Simple ways such as noticing small signs, conversing with the Universe, receiving ideas and opening your heart to the idea that you have the power within. I will guide you through this incredible journey.

At the end of your work with me, you WILL be Psychic AF. You will own your natural gifts. You will understand what it means to connect to future timelines as well as heal your past. Your gift is there for healing purposes. Tapping into your client’s energy is easy when you trust.

Here is what we will work on:

– How to read your client’s “Dryer Sheet”
– Tap into your Clairabilities, identify your strength and hone it.
– Learn how to trust what you feel, see, know or hear.
– Engage with other Psychics and make connections.
– How to prevent Psychic Attacks
– Play fun and interactive games that will show you how Psychic AF you are.
– Work with partners and the group.
– Demonstrations from teacher.
– Receive predictions from me in class.
– How to telepathically communicate in the astral realm.
– Plus whatever Spirit guides me to teach as a Spirit-led teacher.

What you will need:

– A new journal/notebook that will become your Psychic Journal.
– Pens/pencils
– A sleep mask for meditation.
– Any protective crystals you use.
– An open heart and mind.

We begin this Fall 2021. Are you ready to claim your spot and show yourself and others that you are PSYCHIC AF?
10 spaces

Investment: $200 (+ HST) for 6-week intensive training
6-7:30 PM