Mediumship Reading

A mediumship reading is about connecting to your LOVED ONES in Spirit. The Medium does need to have some psychic abilities in order to work mediumistically as spirit will give some of this kind of info. Here you can hear accurate and specific messages from specific people who have passed away and crossed over to the spirit realms. Their souls are still very much “alive”; containing all memories, personalities and energy levels. The Medium taps into this energy and brings forth powerful information either through hearing (clairaudience) Visions (clairvoyance) or other skills through their senses and mind. Not everything will be 100 percent accurate because it depends on how strong the soul is at communicating and how the messages are presented to the medium (ie song lyrics ;)) You would choose this type of reading if you are wanting to speak to your loved ones who have passed. It does not matter how long they have been gone from this earth plane. It can be a week or 20 plus years.

Mediumship Reading:

One Hour – $113 (includes HST)