Elevate Her Soul presents a BRAND new Spiritual Retreat called: Answer the Call.
You know what that feels like, to hear the call within your Soul. The stirrings have always been there and you have most likely been terrified to answer it. Fear got in your way. It was unfamiliar yet somehow familiar to you. It first whispered, “Come this way” but you resisted because you did not know where this voice was going to take you.
In this first retreat in the series of events, Elevate Her Soul welcomes you to explore that voice. Is she inside of you or outside of you? What does she call you to? Where do you find the courage to say YES to her? Here is where you start.
Our retreat begins in a quaint and open space completely surrounded by mature trees, the call of the magical crows, the blessed bluejay and more majestical and magical grounding earth. Walk barefoot on the grass; feeling that call getting louder and louder and more comfortable to take that first step with us. You will be supported and uplifted by other women who are also feeling the strong expansive energy that is swirling within them. They understand you. They get you. They have no judgement toward you because you are them and they are you. You recognize her in yourself.
That yearning for more. Because you know there is MORE to this journey. It is waiting to be uncovered. This is the time to dig deep.
We will begin our first day with morning yoga, meditation and a sound bath complete with a sacred drumming session. Following this, ample time and space to greet, meet and share your true self with one another in a safe space.
Cacao ceremonies to open your heart.
Fire ceremonies to allow your own inner light to shine and burst into flames.
This entire weekend will be guided by Spirit, our spirit guides and our Higher Selves which allows the highest intentions and greatest good for all participants to experience their most Divine selves and to hear the calling more clearly and with love.
Journaling exercises will stretch you out of your comfort zones.
Shadow work to heal and release that which no longer serves you.
You will leave the retreat full of answers, a strong knowing in what your next steps are and ready to answer the call.