Elevation – One year membership group

Welcome to the ERA of Elevation.

This is the NEW membership group that will encase you in the most seen and highest light once you step in.

Be recognized for your truest Soul being that lies within.

Allow yourself the opportunity to be held and supported in a sacred community of the souls you instantly recognize from your many past lives together.

Led by Spiritual Mentor, Jen Abra (The Singing Medium/Elevate Her Soul), this group will grow in ways unimaginable and not what you expect.

Let go of your expectations of what you believe a membership group “looks like” in your mind and let Spirit guide you by the hand.

Jump into the unknown realms of:

  • Self Alignment
  • Recalling your Soul’s mission
  • Claiming your heart’s voice
  • Stepping into the calling of your spiritual and personal development with ease and flow
  • Connect with others who are on the same path, share similar beliefs and who want to support you.

This 1-year long 2021 membership’s intention is to provide the support, soul-training, inspiration, motivation and connection to WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Under Spirit’s orchestration and guidance, you will enter into a symbolic vehicle that you steer at anytime. You can choose to deeply commit to your ELEVATION or be the observer of your own inner guidance.

What’s included in the Elevation Membership?

  •  Monthly Spiritual Mentoring calls via Zoom
  • Monthly themes (directed by Spirit)that will enhance your journey
  • Monthly draws from the “Wheel of Fun” for free 1:1 private mentoring with me
  • Free tickets to my Group events ($25)
  • Distance Reiki quarterly
  • Draws for free card/email readings
  • An opportunity to become your Soul-self
  • New and sacred, soul-aligned friendships and community
  • Manifesting techniques
  • Discounts on specific classes I teach (Reiki excluded)
  • Learn skill sets for your spiritual gifts
  • Plus more to come


Yearly membership:

1) 12 months: Paid in full $600 plus hst (receive a free email/tarot reading from me)

2) 12 month: Paid half ($300 now $300 half through year)

Investment is due at time of joining membership.

“ELEVATION” has space for only 10 members.

Sacred Soul Academy currently has 22 members and this membership is ending soon.

If you are still reading, I welcome you into the next level. It’s time for an upgrade and this is it.

Those of you who are reading this, you will know in an instant if you will say YES to your Soul’s calling. You will feel it swell inside of you and your heart will scream for you to join us.

It will be ease and flow.