About Me

The Singing Medium Jen Abra is an Evidential Platform Medium and Award-Winning Psychic who has been gifted this incredible career in Mediumship. Not born with it, a synchronistic and Divinely guided event led her to be inspired to pursue this spiritual path. It also led her to leave a career in teaching to embrace her gifts to serve others on a daily basis. Jen is a clairaudient Medium which means she hears the words, messages and guidance and communicates through song lyrics. A different approach, yet very effective in getting across the important idea that your loved ones wish to be CELEBRATED in joy and happiness. Jen is extremely grateful to all who are open to and support this work.

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Jen is a Mom of four kids who quit her teaching job to talk to the dead on a full time basis. She believes in always developing her gift of mediumship in order to provide the best service to Spirit and her clients. Jen is a student of the Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College in the U.K and Thomas John: Celebrity Medium. Jen is also the author of the book: Unearth your Intuition published by Balboa Press; a division of Hay House. Jen is the host of her own podcast: Elevate Her Soul available on iTunes and Spotify. She enjoys writing, reading by the lake and walking in nature with her dog, Jake.

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